UG class

Do you know God? If so, how well do you know Him? Is your idea of God based on relationship or religion?  In our Understanding God class we will answer these questions & more as we dive deep into the word of God & its meaning. 

We will describe God in a comprehensive way & allow the Holy Spirit to bring forth understanding of the basic doctrines, as well as meaning and background behind many of those mysteries & traditions of Christianity that may leave us confused.  Finally, we will relate in human terms the spiritual reality & necessity of truly knowing Him & the rewards of His infinite love.

Investment is $100, $25 minimum (with registration) to secure your spot
1st paymentdue by 1/13 @ 8:15(first day of class)*
we provide:  notepad, book, pen

Bring your hunger for knowledge & understanding!

Please print and fill out the form below.